Tech Founder Aliya Grig Shares Her Ultimate Morning Routine
Wisdom From The Women Leading The AI Industry, With Aliya Grig of Evolwe
Space, Tech & Entrepreneur: Interview with Aliya Grig
It is time to meet the one who does it all. She is a space visionary, an innovator, and last but not least, a tech entrepreneur - Aliya Grig.
Journaling Can Help You To Double Your Productivity
Every day about 6,000 different thoughts flicker in our head. We are always in a rush, always trying to do as many things at once as possible. And by the end of the day, we realize that the day has gone and yet nothing important was done, only some minor tasks.
How Mindfulness Can Reduce Anxiety Around Returning To The Office
The pandemic touched each of us and radically changed our lifestyle. We adjusted to a new routine, living in a bubble with other family members, online school, and work. Naturally, we start feeling anxious about returning to the life we had before the quarantine. And that's okay. Returning to your usual rhythm of life should
Aliya Grig — Exploring Esoteric Practices, Human Design and Human Cosmos, Human Evolution, Future of Humanity in Space, and More
Aliya is a frequent speaker and panelist at the world's leading tech and innovation events. She is the author of a number of space-themed books, a contributor to Forbes, and is the founder and CEO of the Human Cosmos online platform launched in Autumn 2020.
She's currently developing Evolwe – AI virtual companion with a focus on well-being.

The Consciousness Revolution: How AI is Changing Our Perception of Self and Reality
Breaking Down Barriers: How GPT Enhances Our Understanding of Theory of Mind
Conscious AI: A Future Reality?
Artificial General Intelligence
Leveraging AI and Intuition to Create the Perfect Solution
AI Doesn’t Cry But Can Understand Emotions?
Emotional AI
Do You Want to Have an AI Companion?
How To Find Your Purpose In Life Using Emotional AI
It's a fact. In the COVID-19 reality we are all experiencing, a lot of us have lost a sense of purpose. It's impacted our business and personal lives from undergoing general fatigue to a lack of energy and motivation - an emotional triple whammy.
Evolwe at Decoding the Future of Women Conference
Our founder graced the stage as a keynote speaker at the "Decoding the Future of Women" Conference. She delved deep into the profound impact of AI on women's health and illuminated the evolution of the consumer experience.
Evolwe as part of the AI for Good summit
During the summit, our founder could discuss the use of Evolwe technologies in robotics and especially smart companion in settings to improve the world's wellbeing and promote sustainability.
Evolwe at The Science of Consciousness
This is the leading event dedicated to the study of human consciousness.
5 Working Ways To Relief Your Anxiety
It is normal to experience anxiety if you know how to handle it. Do you remember the days when you were worried for no particular reason?
Evolwe at World AI Cannes Festival
Our founder Aliya Grig spoke at the conference and shared her insights in the field of AI.
See research principles
We develop the first AI with empathy, consciousness and imagination at the technological frontier, where new opportunities for AI future arises.
We use an interdisciplinary approach and combine theory of mind, meta cognition, neuroscience, psychometrics and NLP to create state of the art AI architecture.
We create the conscious AI which is closest to the human in terms of providing empathy, reasoning and cognitive skills
We use these insights to create safer, steerable, and more reliable models, and to generate systems that we deploy externally, like Nova.
We create AI to solve the most complex problems of our world and to understand more about human being
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