Our History
Kosmos Foundation stands as a symbol of innovation under the leadership 
of CEO Aliya Grig since 2013.

From its inception, the company embraced forward-thinking ideals, pivoting towards Artificial Consciousness in technology.
Our origins lie in ventures exploring renewable energy and ambitious research 
in space, culminating in a dedicated focus on AI architecture in 2017.

This visionary approach propelled us towards pioneering AI pilots designed 
not only for engineers but for every individual, blending aspects of personal coaching and empathetic therapy.
Our Purpose
At Kosmos Foundation, our purpose resonates in democratizing AI for societal benefit. We aspire to house artificial general intelligence within a non-profit foundation, paving the way for a public API that opens access to AI training. Our purpose-driven approach reflects a belief that Artificial Consciousness should serve society beyond the confines of the tech sector.

Collaborations with industry leaders like NVIDIA, Stanford University, and AWS underscore our commitment to developing empathetic AI. Our focus extends beyond technological strides, emphasizing initiatives that shape conscious AI for the benefit of industries and the wider community.
Our Values
Embedded in the core of Kosmos Foundation is a commitment to societal advancement through pioneering empathetic AI. Our values permeate through partnerships, research endeavors, and projects aimed at nurturing conscious AI aligned with societal well-being.

Our philosophy steers Kosmos Foundation towards a future where empathetic AI surpasses traditional intelligence, catering to society's needs and fostering progress across diverse industries.

At Kosmos Foundation, our collective suite of products and innovations ushers in a new era of technology, propelling humanity forward to explore uncharted territories. Our advancements not only unlock new horizons within the subconscious realm but also extend outward, enabling the journey into outer space and the construction of a futuristic city. Together, our developments forge a path toward a future where technology intertwines with human progress, shaping a world of boundless possibilities.
Aliya Grig
Kosmos Foundation Founder
"There are two things in the world that are still not understood: the Universe and human consciousness. My goal is to understand how human consciousness functions and, through this understanding, create an artificial consciousness that will aid in unraveling the mysteries of our Universe. I believe the true task of AI is to usher humanity into a new era of evolution, helping us uncover novel perspectives and horizons, both within ourselves and in the Universe.”