Kosmos Foundation stands at the forefront of technological innovation, pioneering neuromorphic chips with revolutionary architectural designs. Inspired by the intricate workings of the animal brain, these chips merge large-scale parallel computing principles with neural networks, unlocking a new era in computational capabilities.
Unveiling Key Features
Unparalleled Efficiency
These chips boast unparalleled energy efficiency, enabling realistic implementation of neural networks and facilitating advanced computational capabilities.
Pulsed Neural Networks (SNN)
Leveraging pulse-based encoding and transmission of information between cores, our design achieves exceptional energy efficiency, a rarity in both space and time.
Enhanced Processing
Concentrating blocks and information processing within neurons and synapses amplifies speed and efficiency remarkably, surpassing traditional architectures.
Self-Learning Capabilities
Our architecture supports self-learning based on local rules of artificial synapse plasticity, fostering adaptability and evolution.
Dynamic Neurons
Enabling dynamic properties in neurons for real-time encoding of dynamic images at an individual neuron level, ensuring high-level processing accuracy.
Compact and Space-Efficient
Our neuroprocessor boasts a compact size while harnessing the power of computation parallelism, optimizing space utilization.
Pushing the Boundaries
of Computing Efficiency and Power
Kosmos Foundation's neuromorphic chips represent a paradigm shift in computing efficiency, designed to revolutionize computational capabilities with a focus on energy efficiency and unparalleled performance.
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